Immersed in the design world of children’s interiors, I had a vision of decorating a room for my own children based on the theme ‘vintage cirque’. A European circus feel with a colour pallet that was a nod to the past (as I’m quite partial to classic design). I recently shared some images of my newly made over kids room and was asked so many questions about it, I decided to blog a catch-all answer. Thanks so much for the awesome feedback! I hope this helps to inspire your own originality.


Please also excuse my basic quality images. I plan to get the room photographed but really haven’t had time yet.

Before I got started on this install, Mrs Mighetto released a circus themed collection. After I finished doing my happy dance, I immediately thought, “Gosh darn! *heavily edited* Now everyone’s going to do that theme!” I was so annoyed, the idea I had been envisioning since like, forever, was now going to become a trend! – If you know me, you know I don’t follow trends. I create them! LOL! No, seriously. After that, I did see a couple of rooms with a nod to the circus but nothing remotely came close to my idea. I happily began the makeover…

Firstly, I have a boy and a girl that wanted to share a bedroom so in order to please them both I decided on the colours; black, blue, blush &  a hint of green – totally unisex. I love blue, & black is my go to so they were a given but the blush and green were last minute inclusions to give the room depth and also add a little warmth. Next, I asked a supplier of mine, to create diamond wall decals. Black was to be a base of this room & harlequin print was a must have, I just didn’t want to over do it so I placed them on two of the walls in a broken pattern to give the faux worn look. A subtle detail that gave the effect of a circus room without the print being too ‘in your face’.

A quick trip into my storeroom and viola, Miffy lamp, blush canopy, elephant head, play mat, bedding and accessories.

Nothing in this room is especially hard to do, it’s unique details are just thinking outside of the box and creating something magical for my children. Too often I see rooms copied from another person’s copy of another persons’ idea. Because of this, rooms that differ from current trends are now even more striking and appeal to our imaginations on a whole new level. Everything in this room was thoroughly thought out, each piece chosen to accent the circus theme but not have your brain singing “DUT DUT DA DA DA DA, DUT DUT DA DA….” the minute you see the room.

So many people have commented on the crates and asked where I got them, they are really easy to replicate. The raw flat pack crates from Ikea are so versatile. After hubby assembled them with his new drill that I wasn’t allowed to touch because I’m “so clumsy I’ll probably drill a hole in my leg”, I used a black primer spray as the base and a chalky blue on the surface, then gave them a rough sand. The black on the inside really makes the exterior colour pop and the rough sanding gives them the instant vintage vibe. Easy.

The 4 bunting strands are hung from corner to middle on all four sides to give the tent impression while the actual canopy hangs in a free corner, finishing off the space next to the books in crates.

A quick trip to Spotlight combined with my trusty hot glue gun and Nelly the elephant had a gorgeous feather headband. I’m not entirely sure it’s historically accurate but I have seen Dumbo and remember headwear.

Lazybones rosette bedding from my store is so soft and elegant. It completes the look with a few choice cushions and throws and can be used for children of any age or adults. I think it’s really important to not go overboard with the cost when decorating a kid’s room. They grow so fast and change likes so quickly that you really want to focus the money on pieces that will last and grow with them. The Miffy lamp, bedding, canopy and crates can be teamed with so many different things for any age. Even my 21 year old sister in law was totally jealous of this bedroom. Boom!

The rest of the room is just bits and pieces from my kid’s playroom, Ikea, Kmart, Adairs and eBay (full list below).


Now that I’ve shown you mine…..

A 😉

Beds: Mocka

Bedding: black fitted sheets – Kmart, Lazybones comforters & pillowcases – Childish Things, pink chunky-knitted throw – Adairs, black & white striped throw – Ikea, cushions – Kmart/Ikea

Rug: Ikea

Lamp: Mr Maria Miffy XL – Childish Things, top hat (customised) – eBay

Wall Decor: Isobel & Bea decals – Childish Things, elephant frame & headband materials – Spotlight, Wild & Soft elephant head – Childish Things, Mrs Mighetto prints & N74 bunting – Growing Footprints, Mira Fujita Vintage board print – eBay (OMG this was SO hard to find!!), ball string lighting – Kmart, Bloomingville circus height board – Childish Things, A Little Lovely Co crochet wire – Childish Things

Canopy: Cotton & Sweets brand – Childish Things

Playmats: Green shag – Kmart, Willie&Millie moon mat – Childish Things

Accessories: tissue paper pinwheels and flowers – eBay, birdcage, plant – Ikea, star light – Kmart, books – various, toys, instruments, bookend, blue suitcases – Childish Things