Without a doubt, the biggest trend in kids rooms of the past few years has been the extremely versatile canopy.

Canopies are available in so many materials and colours that you are sure to find one to suit any interior style from botanical or boho to French provincial, vintage or even themed. How to’s have been done to death so hopefully we are able to give you a few new ideas for your future styling.

Canopies create magic, whimsy and drama. They add elegance and a much needed scale, dimension and proportion when styling the perfect space. They are not only a gorgeous addition to the look of a room but can be supportive and functional.

We have managed to secure a new brand of canopies available in both polyester – smooth finish with a hint of transparency – and 100% pure linen – for the luxurious look that will only get better with age. You can find them at Childish Things.




Placed at the head, the middle or foot, it doesn’t matter. The key for these classic positioned canopies is colour!

Layered – Choose a canopy in the main colour of the room for the layered look. Very ‘now’.

Clashing – Pick a colour that will stand out and become a feature. This is usually best in eclectic rooms and vintage spaces.

Complimentary – A canopy in a shade that compliments the room but doesn’t retract from the overall style

Accent – Look at the other pieces in a room and choose a colour that is hinted at more than obvious and a canopy in that tone will really pop


This is the time to be the most adventurous. Canopies are great for all ages and can be adapted for any purpose.

Think about old fairy tales and create a “Princess & the Pea” look – A soft space of luxury with a canopy surrounding soft cushions – Create a stage and curtains for the performer in your house – A “Fortress of Solitude” for children who need a little place to retreat when overwhelmed – A perfect accompaniment to a treasure trove of books and cushions – Pretend play teepee – Outdoor marquee or makeshift changeroom – You decide!


We have been quite limited in choice until recently but now our eyes are open to the possibilities with not only new materials but shapes! Team your selection with stars, string lights, garlands, bunting, leaves, twigs, tassels, pom poms, balloons, mobiles, dreamcatchers, toys, the sky is the limit!

Most of all, have fun with it. Kids rooms can look stylish and ‘on point’ but remember who’s living in those spaces and what they are learning from their environment.

Sweet dreams.



All images sourced via Pinterest