With the smart phone came “selfies” then, following the surge in home decorating popularity, came the “SHELFIE”.

I won’t bore you with the literal definition – a veritable black hole of a Google search, trust me. The definition I am referring to is; A shared image of a shelf, shelf decor or styled shelf in one’s home or workplace.

No longer are we impressed with the simple storage ability of shelves, nor are we wanting to see your whole collection of books or dvds (cringe) on display next to that $2 shop picture frame and statue of a tiger – I’m looking at you Mum! The decorating of one’s home has reached the point where many people, like myself, are often stumped at how effortlessly uncluttered but still stylish all of these shelves on Instagram are. Don’t you people own things?! – I understand we do not have to share images of our home but most of us want the pride of a nicely decorated one.

On a side note, I often have this conversation about those half hexagon shelves we all seem to have at the end of our kitchens….They’re part of the kitchen but also aren’t really useful as kitchen storage at the end there so what the heck are you supposed to decorate them with??!

Well, I’ve figured out the best way to style a shelf. PUT SHIT AWAY. It’s that simple.

We all have cupboards for our pots & pans, our towels & our clothes so why do we think that every vase or candle holder needs to be displayed? It doesn’t! Have a cupboard for that stuff & use only what you love or want to show off. You can easily change it up with seasons or new trends & avoid getting sick of looking at the same things year in, year out. You’d be surprised how much a new print or gorgeous item can lift a room as well as effect your emotions in it.

To create a great #shelfie whether it be for you or the kids, you need 3 things;

  1. A great shelf – Designers are releasing some amazing things and they are quickly being replicated through the entire industry. From one offs to Target, you’re sure to find something to fit your style and budget. Also try using a wall mounted shelf as a feature in a kids room or stack a nesting set in an uncommon way. A lick of paint can also work wonders so don’t be afraid of DIY. However, I recommend staying away from trendy bold colours or shapes if you might have this piece for a long time. What’s hot today can look very dated in a year.
  2. Things you love – Both old and new. Old things that you have held onto usually have some sort of sentimental value and you should surround yourself with things that make you smile and show your personality. Even if it’s that Dr Who vinyl collection! Trends come and go so opt for something you absolutely adore when looking to spend the big bucks, otherwise stay within your means. Op shops are a great place to find retro pieces that are cool again & department stores are very aware of trends right now, offering inexpensive alternatives. Books, wooden items, metal accents, plants, stoneware, baskets, clocks, world globes, prints, candles & vases are always classics so keep them as your ‘go to’ if you are having trouble. Just try to keep a theme of some sort (even ‘eclectic’ needs a little styling) & don’t forget to mix up the shapes, size & textures.
  3. Restraint – Do you need every book you own on that one shelf? Can you live without seeing your entire photo collection? Perhaps a gallery wall might be a better place for the dozen photo frames. You can build it over time too, don’t think that you have to fill every inch. Empty space does not equal wasted space. Click here for some awesome inspo!

Above all, remember to fit your needs. Pretty shelves can be great for sharing on social media but wont help you day to day if they’re not somewhat functional. I have 2 printers on a bottom shelf in my dining room but it works. I need them handy, I just wont be sharing photos of them. Unless you ask nicely 🙂