Doesn’t every parent want to give their children the world?

One trend we are super excited to get behind is the use of world maps in decorating. Not only because there are so many seriously cool styles and endless product choices but because it’s amazingly beneficial for children.

Using world maps creates a real life image of places only ever heard of, a visualisation of exactly where we live. Children discover geography and can explore every aspect of our planet in an open ended lesson.

“When I got to the third grade, that’s when I discovered the earth. . . . In the room, there was a globe spinning on its axis, and the world was mine, and I feel its been my oyster ever since. Its whatever I can make of it and make of myself in it.” Albert Murray, writer on American culture

From wall paper, decals, vintage school maps, globes, textiles, modern prints or DIY, you’re sure to find something you love and your children will cherish.

Here’s a little world inspo to excite your imagination!

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Images: Brabourne Farm, Little Hands Illustration,  Bloglovin’, Johanna @Wilwig, Lorel Bern Interiors, Minas Decor and Fashion


We have recently added a range of gorgeous and stylish world globes with many illuminated to give a soft glow when on. Perfect for a side table, desk or shelf.

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Image courtesy of Pure and Noble


Source unknown via Pinterest


Photo by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day

At Childish Things we have other great ways to feature the world map in your decor.



oyoy_the+world+rug_wwf world map


Happy trails!